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Liberty Forrest

International Psychic Medium, Award-Winning Author

Liberty Forrest is an international psychic and medium, whose gifts became evident in childhood. They continued to develop over the years, leading her to do readings professionally. Now living in Western Canada, previously Liberty enjoyed an idyllic life in rural England, where for five years she appeared approximately monthly on BBC Radio doing “psychic phone-ins” for listeners. Eventually, she took to the stage, where she connected audience members with loved ones in spirit. Currently, she enjoys doing readings for clients over the phone or internet, offering compassionate heart-cantered guidance to help them get unstuck and move forward. She also assists people in developing their own abilities as psychics and mediums, including offering one-on-one guidance to help them fully access their intuitive abilities. Liberty is also an award-winning author, a columnist, and has had numerous articles printed in many publications around the globe. She has produced several books on inspirational self-help topics and also writes paranormal thriller saga fiction.
Tobogganing Ban in Canadian Cities Raises Other and Equally Disturbing

Tobogganing Ban in Canadian Cities Raises Other and Equally Disturbing Concerns

I guess driving is next on the hit list because the City has built the roads on which we drive. And what about walking? Heavens, that can be dangerous, too. I know someone who wasn't paying attention and broke her ankle pretty badly when mis-stepping off a curb. Guess the City should not have built sidewalks and just let us walk on the side of the road instead.
01/15/2015 12:47 EST
Mayor Nenshi for Prime Minister...

Mayor Nenshi for Prime Minister... Please???

It's been just over three weeks since raging floods wiped out countless homes and caused massive devastation here in Calgary and in Southern Alberta. It is nothing short of heartbreaking to consider what so many people are enduring, and what they have lost. The worst of it is that many of those losses can never be restored, replaced or rebuilt. But in the face of the worst disaster ever to hit this city, or indeed, this part of Alberta, our mayor, Naheed Nenshi, has been the voice of reason and reassurance.
07/17/2013 12:48 EDT