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Over time, there have been fundamental changes in the way we age.

Age is no longer determined solely by genetic factors, but by how well we live our lives: through exercise, diet and attitude. People are not only living longer; they’re wanting to live better. Lifetime Daily was founded to be that comprehensive source of information for the burgeoning 55+ adult population

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4 Ways To Get Your New Year's Resolution To Stick

Many of us will begin the new year with a celebration, while many will also use it as a time for self-reflection. As we look back over the previous year, mistakes are contemplated, regrets are recognized, new goals are considered and, with that, many of us set a New Year's resolution. However, most of us won't stick to our resolutions.
01/03/2017 05:15 EST
juanrvelasco via Getty Images

A Simple Technique To Cope With Holiday-Related Stress

Remember, no family is perfect. No one is perfect. A little family conflict may be unavoidable for some people. Unless it's gross mistreatment, try to skirt disagreements. Agree when you normally wouldn't, swallow a little pride and be more forgiving. It's only one or two days a year. And remember there are many, many people with no family at all. So if you have family, you already have a reason to be thankful.
12/22/2016 05:31 EST
Seth Joel via Getty Images

Why We Feel Lonely Over The Holidays

Even when we're surrounded by loved ones, the holidays can trigger feelings of disconnection, isolation and loneliness. For those who have experienced a recent loss -- such as death, divorce or an empty nest -- loneliness is greater. Same goes for people who don't have family, whose family is far away, or who are estranged from their relatives.
12/21/2016 07:55 EST
Leonardo Patrizi via Getty Images

3 Tips To Cope With Election Uncertainty

Truth is, our environment has always been uncertain. We don't have control over much of what happens to us. Even within the presidential electoral process, where we have a right to vote for our own leader, we are only given two choices. (Of course, we can vote for other candidates, but they have literally no chance of winning, so it's a bit of a fallacy).
11/01/2016 11:59 EDT
BrianAJackson via Getty Images

The Psychological Benefits Of Endurance Training

Helping people is not only about listening and talking through life issues. It's also about helping them recognize internal strengths, and garner their own psychological resources so they can navigate obstacles inherent in life. This facilitates greater quality of life, more enjoyment, less fear, even joy.
09/29/2016 10:06 EDT
Image Source via Getty Images

Downsizing Your Home Takes An Emotional Toll

The decision to downsize is often made along with another difficult life transition, such as divorce, death of a spouse or kids moving out. A life transition is always painful and difficult, resulting in a plethora of complex emotions. Downsizing highlights the reasons for the transition, making it even harder.
09/22/2016 08:05 EDT
Jupiterimages via Getty Images

What You Can Learn From Vegetarian And Vegan Diets

Those who advocate for a vegetarian diet love to point out that vegetarians live longer and have a markedly lower risk of many common diseases, including heart disease, cancer and diabetes, than meat-eaters do. It's possible to enjoy many of the advantages of a vegetarian diet without completely swearing off meat and other animal foods.
09/06/2016 03:58 EDT