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Liisa Atva

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Liisa Atva is a freelance writer based in Richmond, B.C. Canada. She is passionate about travel, business, volunteering, and sharing those experiences through her writing. Her "word journeys" have appeared in various Canadian and American publications.
Liisa Atva

Beyond Palm Springs: Four Adventures In Four Days

We piled into our rented car and drove towards the sunset. On our left the San Bernardino Mountains, dusky in daylight, blushed with red borrowed from the sky. We'd picked Palm Springs for its weather and amenities, but we didn't plan to golf, lounge by the pool or shop.
10/28/2016 04:39 EDT

Consumers As Co-creators: A Million-Dollar Idea

Traditionally, firms produced goods and services for their consumers. However, consumers are increasingly creating products and services, modifying or hacking firms existing offerings, or contributing content.
07/19/2016 01:17 EDT

How To Gamify Your Business

Businesses have successfully used game-like experiences such as frequent flyer programs, reward cards and sales competitions to increase loyalty and engagement for some time. However, "gamification," the term for this process, did not emerge until around 2010. To clarify, gamification is not about creating games, but learning why games are so engaging and applying the psychology and behavior behind that to business processes - gamifying non-gaming situations.
04/07/2016 09:16 EDT
Ezra Bailey via Getty Images

Sowing The Seeds Of Startups

For businesses in the idea stage seed capital is typically provided by the founders themselves and "love money" from family and friends. There are also a number of public and private organizations willing to step in and make relatively small investments to help grow businesses to a stage where bigger dollar players, such as venture capitalists, take an interest.
11/17/2015 03:09 EST

How Gamification Can Transform Business Processes

Businesses have successfully used game-like experiences to increase loyalty and engagement long before the term gamification was coined. However, the rapid rise of gamification can be attributed to several factors: the quest to get a reaction, the pervasiveness of social media, web-based and mobile technologies, and the growth of the video game industry.
08/26/2015 05:12 EDT