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Liisa Ladouceur

Music and Culture Journalist

Liisa Ladouceur is a music and culture journalist and the author of Encyclopedia Gothica, a guide to gothdom from absinthe to zombies. She started her career in her teens by publishing a cut 'n' paste zine and doing community access TV and has since worked as a freelance arts and unpopular culture reporter for more than 10 years, for such outlets as The Grid/Eye Weekly, Rue Morgue, Spinner, The Toronto Sun and CBC Radio, and appeared as a commentator on all things macabre for entertainment and news programming on MuchMoreMusic, CBC, CTV, etc. She currently works as a researcher and writer for documentary film and TV; her next projects including a feature documentary on the modern influence of the devil for Banger Films and the book How to Kill a Vampire: a Survey of Folklore Film and Fiction for ECW Press, both coming in 2013. She lives in Toronto with a black cat and still owns a hair crimper.
The Petition to Ban Action Bronson Is About Misogyny, Not

The Petition to Ban Action Bronson Is About Misogyny, Not Censorship

Action Bronson's headlining performance at Yonge and Dundas Square was cancelled by the organizers of NXNE, bowing to the pressure of a petition claiming the New York rapper's music "glorifies gang-raping and murdering women," which attracted 40,000 signatures, I went on the news to talk about it. This is a story about 40,000 people saying no to misogyny, and winning. And what a great victory that is.
06/02/2015 01:33 EDT
15 Bloody Good Songs About Vampires For Your Halloween

15 Bloody Good Songs About Vampires For Your Halloween Playlist

Of the hundreds of vampire songs out there, the best have either been written for the movies, or made an appearance in them. Here then, in time for your Halloween party playlist, 10 memorable vampire songs from the movies. Some are frightful, some are frightfully bad, but all are bloody good fun.
10/25/2013 12:45 EDT
Godspeed, Polaris and the Art of Saying

Godspeed, Polaris and the Art of Saying No

And so now we have an even bigger story. Godspeed "slams" Polaris! My social media, full of music biz people, is awash with arguments about whether or not the band's position is respectable or bullshit. Many call them hypocrites, dicks, fake anarchists, for accepting a prize if they don't agree with what it represents. Some people seem very angry about the whole thing. I am not.
09/24/2013 07:25 EDT
Adam Lanza Was a Killer, Not a

Adam Lanza Was a Killer, Not a Goth

The Newtown, Connecticut killer is not a Goth. And so I shouldn't even be writing this. The fact that the most media outlets who have run with this are generally tabloids or right-wing is not a surprise. That's what they do best, inflame and demonize. And so they picked up on one comment from one rather dubious source. I have something to say about what happens when you link a criminal, especially a mass murderer, with an entire subculture of people he or she has absolutely nothing to do with. How it not only doesn't help to answer the question "why?", it actually causes more hurt, more harm.
12/17/2012 12:22 EST