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Lily Pourzand

Gender Equality Specialist, Researcher, Advocate

Lily Pourzand was born and raised in Iran. She migrated to Canada in 1999 after graduated from Law School. Lily received her Women’s Studies degree from York University in 2006 and graduated in LL.M. with special focus on Gender Equality and from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2010. Lily is a certified Life Coach and Life Skills Coach with extensive experiences in designing and running workshops. She is am independent writer and a public speaker. Currently, Lily works as Women Individual and Transitional Support Counsellor at Women’s Centre of York Region.
International Day of the Girl Child: Looking to the Future of AP

International Day of the Girl Child: Looking to the Future of Women

Last year this time I had no idea that on the anniversary of the second International Day of Girl Child, I would be carrying a baby girl who will be born in a few months. Happy second International Girl Child Day to Malala, my unborn daughter and all other proud Canadian girls. You are the future!
10/11/2013 09:30 EDT
How the Indian Gang-Rape Reversed Getty Images

How the Indian Gang-Rape Reversed Victim-Blaming

Contrary to other similar situations, the tragic Indian gang-rape victim was not "dishonoured" by her family or society. Instead, she was "honoured" both on private and public levels. Her painful death was not viewed by other Indian families as a terrifying warning to justify employing more control on young women.
01/09/2013 05:22 EST
If My Friend Dies, What Will Happen to Her flickr/decade_null

If My Friend Dies, What Will Happen to Her Children?

Iranian authorities sentenced Iranian lawyer and human rights activist, Nasrin Sotoudeh, to 11 years of imprisonment. It is over 20 days now that Nasrin has not eaten anything and I can't imagine how her tiny body continues to survive. While everyone is concerned about Nasrin's health and safety, I also have another great concern: Nasrin's two children.
11/08/2012 08:28 EST