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Lina Duque

Social Media Strategist and Executive Branding Coach

Lina Duque, MBA, is a social media strategist and executive branding coach whose work has appeared in the likes of Forbes and the Globe and Mail. She is advisor to C-suite executives and academics on developing thought leadership and digital presence. Lina is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer and has presented at Harvard Law School, McGill University, University of Toronto, York University, Meridian Credit Union, Smart & Biggar LLP, Lean In Canada, Ellevate Network, International Association of Business Communicators and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the worldʼs largest bank, amongst others. She teaches the course Social Media for Executives at Ryerson University and is advisor to entrepreneurs at Ryerson's DMZ, ranked top university business incubator in North America. Connect with Lina at or on Twitter @LinaDuqueMBA.
Meet Social Media Influencer Sean

Meet Social Media Influencer Sean Gardner

Sean is a social media producer for a credit union by day and a keynote speaker, author and social media influencer around the clock. With high-calibre international speaking gigs under his belt, including the World Communication Forum-produced Davos Summit, Sean is a bona fide influencer.
06/01/2016 01:20 EDT
Presence Is The Key To Confidence In High-Stakes

Presence Is The Key To Confidence In High-Stakes Situations

I recently had to give a keynote speech at a university fundraising gala. I've given more talks than I could remember, but this time I was a bit nervous. I had no slide deck or notes to lean back against. It was just me baring my soul before the audience.
04/26/2016 04:39 EDT
5 Ways To Disrupt Your Career In

5 Ways To Disrupt Your Career In 2016

When I decided to start my own social media consulting business three years ago, I felt like I was jumping off a cliff; I could soar, or fall flat on my face. Could I pull it off? What if I didn't get enough business? What would people think? I was terrified. Going from full-time employee to entrepreneur was risky, but the upside was that I was doing what I loved. You can do it too.
01/14/2016 01:05 EST
How One Tweet Can Help Launch Your

How One Tweet Can Help Launch Your Career

One tweet that I wrote two years ago got me into the office of a C-suite executive and launched one of the most important relationships in my business today. I could have set up my meeting with her the old-fashioned way -- but Twitter helped me bypass potential obstacles and removed hierarchical barriers. Establishing yourself as a thought leader on Twitter can give you an edge.
09/16/2015 05:03 EDT
Meet the Millennial

Meet the Millennial Executive

Abdullah Snobar is the executive director of Ryerson University's DMZ business incubator, ranked first in Canada and fifth in the world. That puts Snobar in charge of the downtown Toronto home to over 400 entrepreneurs and 50 employees.
08/11/2015 05:17 EDT
5 Lessons in Leadership From Ryerson's Top Female

5 Lessons in Leadership From Ryerson's Top Female Executive

This week marks a major milestone in Julia Hanigsberg's career as she steps down as Vice President of Administration and Finance of Toronto's Ryerson University to take on the top job at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.
11/27/2014 03:58 EST
How I Turned My Passion Into a

How I Turned My Passion Into a Career

While I'm not an entrepreneur in the traditional sense, I choose my clients, control my hours and most importantly, do what I love. Here's what I did to position myself as a subject matter expert. It all started with an invitation to speak on social media at a marketing event.
09/25/2014 09:00 EDT