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Linda Simpson

writer, poet, guidance education advocate, loving Mum and Gramma

A committed writer and speaker with stories to share based on many life lessons. I found a voice and style that matches my spirit. The hope is that these articles inspire reflection and conversation. <br> After a rewarding teaching career that spanned 40+ years, writing became my next step. Many years spent as a guidance education trainer gave me a unique perspective on the lives of children. Divorce twenty years ago provided first- hand knowledge of that life altering experience. As a very single parent, I am devoted to my wonderful family. <br> Every day I knock on the sky and believe impossible things before breakfast. It is all shared with the reader.
Where Are All The Protest

Where Are All The Protest Songs?

The present political turbulence in the U.S. would be well represented by Jimi Hendrix's anthem to a country divided again.
08/03/2017 11:44 EDT
My Family Became Fatherless On Father's

My Family Became Fatherless On Father's Day

Losing a loving parent is considered one of life's greatest heartbreaks. It is even more challenging when that death is connected to a holiday that celebrates the gift of a good father. I was only 19 when my father died 48 years ago.
06/13/2017 11:12 EDT
A Parenting-Themed Book Club Can Have Many

A Parenting-Themed Book Club Can Have Many Benefits

A parenting book club would bring together people involved in a shared experience. It might be combined with a play date with a child carer to oversee the children while the parents talk. There are any number of ways such a group might manifest itself.
06/07/2017 01:44 EDT
Don't Let Anger Rule Your Life After A

Don't Let Anger Rule Your Life After A Divorce

Separation and divorce bring a veritable banquet of reasons to be angry because the circumstances are often unfair. You probably didn't stop caring or stop trying to make it work. Anger grows out of that loss of control, for yourself and your future. This anger is hung on that line of uncertainty that trails back months, maybe years behind you.
05/19/2017 09:35 EDT