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Linda Simpson

writer, poet, guidance education advocate, loving Mum and Gramma

A committed writer and speaker with stories to share based on many life lessons. I found a voice and style that matches my spirit. The hope is that these articles inspire reflection and conversation.
After a rewarding teaching career that spanned 40+ years, writing became my next step. Many years spent as a guidance education trainer gave me a unique perspective on the lives of children. Divorce twenty years ago provided first- hand knowledge of that life altering experience. As a very single parent, I am devoted to my wonderful family.
Every day I knock on the sky and believe impossible things before breakfast. It is all shared with the reader.
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The Dinner Table Is The Heart Of The Home

Pulling the family together for a meal has many challenges at any time of year. But as spring heads into summer, the threads of family life drift outside, each person often with their own destination. Family bonds are 'the ties that bind' and mealtime is an important aspect of that bonding.
05/01/2017 05:16 EDT
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Your Child Needs Emotional Agility To Succeed

Extensive rigorous research demonstrates that an emotionally secure child has a healthy understanding of interpersonal skills and improved academic performance. Every parent knows the pain of seeing their child in distress over some emotional hurt. As parents we must accept that we cannot make 'boo boo's go away for their entire life. Let them feel it and learn some agility skills. Dexterity counts in the game of life too.
03/29/2017 10:27 EDT
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10 Tips For Writing An Impressive Online Dating Profile

If you are over 50, then the days of bar hopping back in the 1960s, 70s or 80s are long gone. Chances are there are few potential suitors warming a bar stool in today's bar scene. But online there are a multitude of dating possibilities. Feeling a bit anxious about taking the step if you are a late blooming dating neophyte is common.
01/12/2017 03:55 EST
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Give Your Child The Gift Of Music This Holiday

Musical training such as participating in a choir develops language. Being in a choir means reading the lyrics of songs with the tempo of the music. Playing an instrument requires another type of reading and language. It is the ability to read music and transpose that to the instrument. Both activities require an immediacy that is brain training at its best.
12/22/2016 08:16 EST
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Happily Ever After Didn't Happen For Many Baby Boomers

Retirement years mean different things to different retirees. Some want to spend those years playing miniature golf in Florida, others want to fulfill lifelong dreams. Travel, giving back with their expertise, and becoming involved in their community in a significant way are just some possibilities. Life expectations at this stage can be very different from your partner.
11/10/2016 01:24 EST
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5 Things To Consider For The Next 5 Years

I used to look at my life in terms of decades. How was I going to make my mark with each decade? That was easy until I retired and left me wondering what my 60s would bring as a decade. It had certainly started out brilliantly with my first grandchild being born on my 60th birthday.
09/22/2016 04:58 EDT