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Linda Wilhelm

President, The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance

Linda Wilhelm is the President of The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA), a virtual, grass-roots, patient-driven, independent, national organization with members across Canada.

Linda has been living with Rheumatoid Arthritis for over twenty five years. In addition to Linda’s role at CAPA, she is on the operations committee of the Best Medicines Coalition and frequently participates in Health Canada expert advisory panels and conferences concerning access and drug safety issues. She is a former member of The Expert Advisory Committee for Vigilance of Health Products and a current member of The Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network steering committee. Linda has been an active advocate for treatment access and quality of care for all patients both regionally and nationally for over ten years, is a past board chair for the New Brunswick Division of the Arthritis Society, as well as a past Board Member of The Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation.

CAPA believes the first expert on arthritis is the individual who has the disease, theirs is a unique perspective. CAPA assists members to become advocates not only for themselves but all people with arthritis. For more information on CAPA, visit
Similar Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Not Always the Monty Rakusen

Similar Pharmaceutical Drugs Are Not Always the Same

Biologics are large molecule medicines that are so intricate that manufacturers develop them using unique, biological processes. But as patents expire for established biologic drugs, newer treatments are now entering the Canadian marketplace called Subsequent Entry Biologics. SEBs are similar, but not the same as biologics.
04/14/2015 12:29 EDT