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Linden MacIntyre

Author and Journalist

Linden MacIntyre is a Canadian journalist, broadcaster and novelist. He has won nine Gemini Awards, an International Emmy and numerous other awards for writing and journalistic excellence, including the 2009 Scotiabank Giller Prize for his novel, <em>The Bishop's Man</em>. Well-known for many years for his stories on CBC's <em>the fifth estate</em>, in 2014 he announced his retirement after 38 years at the CBC. His latest novel, <em>Punishment</em>, explores justice and vengeance in small-town Nova Scotia.
Why I Left The CBC And Its Toxic

Why I Left The CBC And Its Toxic Atmosphere

The CBC I'm leaving is a shadow of the CBC I joined. In 1976, I joined an institution which was a place for young Canadians to grow and, eventually, contribute to the country in diverse ways. I'm leaving a place where people struggle to survive professionally and, sad to say in many cases -- psychologically and emotionally. The difference can be explained to a very great extent by funding cutbacks driven largely by political hostility which has resulted in a hemorrhage of brains and talent from the corporation.
11/22/2014 04:35 EST