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Lindsay Forsey

Founder at Tenth Moon Mothercare, maternal health + wellness advocate, doula, mom of two

Lindsay Forsey is the founder and chief Mama at Tenth Moon Mothercare, Canada's first postnatal care package company. She started the business as a pay-it-forward project when she found herself brimming with gratitude for the support she received as a new mom. Lindsay is a DONA-trained doula, a certified prenatal yoga teacher and a maternal health and wellness advocate who supports a number of non-profit organizations, including The New Mom Project and Postpartum Support Toronto. She lives in Hamilton, Ont., with her husband and the two little people they made together.   
End The Heartbreaking Silence Around Miscarriage And

End The Heartbreaking Silence Around Miscarriage And Loss

I hear this same deeply unsettling story again and again from women who experience loss. Women who are left with a profound sense of loneliness and isolation. So, let's talk. If you know someone who has experienced a miscarriage, later pregnancy or infant loss, here are three things you should do.
10/28/2016 10:51 EDT