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Lindsay Gladding

Lindsay works for children whose lives have been torn apart by emergencies like war and conflict. She is based near Toronto, but frequently travels to meet with families in the world's toughest places.

The Dreams Of Refugee Moms Are The Same As

The Dreams Of Refugee Moms Are The Same As Mine

Through encounters like this one with Aysha, I have seen firsthand that all mothers have the same dreams for their children. We want them to be safe, happy and successful, and that hope doesn't change even if your circumstances are difficult. If anything, it may even become more important.
06/20/2017 09:58 EDT
Mother's Day In

Mother's Day In Afghanistan

I'm in Afghanistan, for the first time in six years. It's a bittersweet return. The last time I worked in the country, I hadn't yet become a mother myself. I have a strong sense that what I'm about to see will affect me in a whole new way. I'm here for Mother's Day.
05/12/2013 12:39 EDT