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Lindsay Jolivet


Lindsay Jolivet is a graduate from Carleton University’s Master of Journalism program. She is an intern at and her work has appeared in the Montreal Gazette and on CBC radio.
Want to Help the Homeless Thrive? Give Them

Want to Help the Homeless Thrive? Give Them Homes

There's a project called At Home/Chez Soi, run by the Mental Health Commission of Canada. The five-year project has housed about 1,000 homeless people with mental illness in cities across Canada since it began. At Home is based on the idea that people should receive housing first, instead of waiting until they're deemed ready to re-enter society. Researchers say many participants are thriving.
12/13/2012 12:20 EST
Aging in Developing Nations: Beyond

Aging in Developing Nations: Beyond Depression

The concept of "age-friendly," coined by the World Health Organization , stresses the need for communities to develop transportation, streets, housing , and social engagement for seniors to remain happy, active members of society. But in developing nations, the issue goes far beyond building better sidewalks and housing.
10/31/2012 05:04 EDT
The Small Town Where Seniors

The Small Town Where Seniors Rule

Five years ago, Residents were leaving in droves and the town of Gladstone, Manitoba, made up in large part by seniors, was dying. Then, Gladstone Mayor Eileen Clark overhauled the town's planning strategy. Soon Gladstone had a new privately-funded housing project, an enhanced handi-transit service, and the building of an "age-friendly" walking trail, along with more community events and partnerships between organizations. Property values have increased exponentially
10/29/2012 05:36 EDT
Helping the Old Die at

Helping the Old Die at Home

Most seniors say they want to die at home. However, about half of seniors are dying in hospitals. Given the numbers, it seems a daunting task to grant a senior's wish to die at home. Dr. Louise Coulombe set out to meet that challenge when she founded a home care palliative care practice in Ottawa.
10/11/2012 07:01 EDT