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Lindsay Meredith

Marketing Strategy Professor, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Lindsay Meredith is a marketing strategy professor in the Beedie School of Business at Vancouver's Simon Fraser University. He specializes in business marketing, information systems for strategic decision-making and demand estimation. Meredith's 40 years of business experience are both in multinational corporations and as a consultant to international corporations and senior levels of government. Publications include numerous articles and two co-authored textbooks.
The Return Of The Trudeau

The Return Of The Trudeau Dynasty?

Political dynasties relying on the father-and-son passing of the crown are no good for democracy. Our American cousins proved that when George Bush Sr. engineered the presidential election of George Bush Jr. Witness the American economic ship run hard aground and who was at the helm. It's no accident the British no longer let royal families lead their governments.
10/04/2012 04:44 EDT