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Lindsay Pleskot

Registered Dietitian

<a href="" rel="nofollow"> </a> <br> Lindsay Pleskot is a Registered Dietitian in Vancouver , Canada. She is registered with the College of Dietitians of British Columbia and a member of Dietitians of Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia with a major in Dietetics and followed this with a 10 month internship with Providence Health Care. <br> <br> Lindsay provides evidence-based nutrition counseling for a wide variety of clients. She currently works in both acute clinical care at St. Paul’s Hospital and in private practice in North Vancouver. She has experience working with a wide variety of clients including those with diabetes, heart disease, food allergies and intolerances, gastrointestinal issues, women’s health issues and those interested in optimizing general health and wellness. <br> <br> Lindsay has a general practice but has a passion for weight management and sports nutrition. Growing up she spent a lot of time playing sports, including soccer at a University level. Her passion for athletics and personal experience seeing the effect that nutrition can have on athletic performance has motivated her to share this knowledge with others. <br> <br> Lindsay believes that a healthy diet is all about balance and moderation and that eating should be an enjoyable experience. She works with clients one-on-one to create realistic and individualized goals that allow for lasting lifestyle changes.
Baked Oatmeal Muffin

Baked Oatmeal Muffin Cups

Warm Breakfasts are a must for me in the cooler weather. It has been a bit of a shock to the system being back in Vancouver
11/09/2017 16:41 EST
Satisfying Sweet Potato Toast 4

Satisfying Sweet Potato Toast 4 Ways

Sweet potato toast is packed with fibre and vitamins that will keep you fueled and energized throughout the morning. And the best part... you get to top them how you like! They're kind of like a multivitamin on a plate. Sweet or savoury, take your pick. Here are four of my fave combos!
05/31/2017 04:38 EDT
This Banana Oat Pancake Recipe Will Change Your

This Banana Oat Pancake Recipe Will Change Your Life

I've always loved the experience of making pancakes. I remember my Mom and Dad making us little Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes sprinkled with blueberries or chocolate chips for eyes. The memories of cooking with my parents and making it fun, I'm sure has had a major influence on my love of the kitchen that just continues to grow.
05/24/2017 01:29 EDT
What I'm Packing To Survive Vegas On Victoria Day

What I'm Packing To Survive Vegas On Victoria Day Weekend

This upcoming weekend is Victoria Day long weekend. For us Canucks it's often the first big camping weekend but this year I'm doing something a bit different. This year I'm spending my Victoria Day in Vegas for a vachelorette party.
05/17/2017 12:45 EDT
Better Than Fast Food Crispy Baked Onion

Better Than Fast Food Crispy Baked Onion Rings

A few weeks ago we made some awesome homemade jalapeno and blue cheese burgers and were craving something crunchy on the side, so I decided to whip up some of these baked onion rings and they turned out so great! So I knew I had to share them with you guys.
05/10/2017 03:26 EDT