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Linnie von Sky

Berlin mama rooting in Vancouver. Indie author and publisher of children's books. Depression. Immigration. Bullying.

Berlin bred and Vancouver rooted, Linnie von Sky is a wife, new mom and indie author/publisher of 'Made in Canada' children's books that she tags as educational conversation starters. <br> <br> Support her latest crowdfunding campaign by pre purchasing her books on Nursing *The Birds and The Bees Don't Do It - A Milky Tale and on American Sign Language *The ASL Hipster Alphabet For Babes - A Coffee Table Book For Young Humans. (pub date Easter 2018) <br> <br> Visit the link to watch her video and support the dream here: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <br> <br> Linnie spent 2012 - 2013 turning a story she wrote on three Air Canada air-sickness bags into her first book, 'Our Canadian Love Story - An Immigration Tale' and went on to crowd-fund and publish 'Pom Pom - A Flightless Bully Tale' (2014) and 'Sadly The Owl - An Untold Tale' (2015). Her topics range from immigration (she came to Canada in 2002), to bullying (she went to High School), to depression (she was diagnosed in 2009). <br> <br> With her fourth and fifth title in the works (one on breast feeding and one on American Sign Language, pub date May 2017), Linnie recently returned from Book Expo America 2016 in Chicago with a distribution deal with Independent Publishing Group's (IPG) Small Press United. <br> <br> An infant under one arm and the production of book four and five (plus another crowd funding campaign) under the other, this indie author/publisher has got her hands full. Stay tuned.
Public Breastfeeding Is Natural. Why Is This Still A

Public Breastfeeding Is Natural. Why Is This Still A Debate?

Breasts are sexualised at every turn. They bounce up and down reality television shows and pageants (granted, more often than not, the ones we see don't move), adorn magazine covers, sell lingerie to make bedroom fantasies come true and yet are still publicly rejected, shamed, and bullied when openly exposed in their most natural of states. I often wonder how we made it to the overly advertised earth of the 21st century and still can't publicly display our babies' favourite place to grab a quick snack.
05/15/2017 10:20 EDT
Pink Nursing Her Son Is Everything That's Right With The

Pink Nursing Her Son Is Everything That's Right With The World

I thank you sincerely for lifting the covers. I could have spent hiding in a fluorescent-lit nursing room, under an uncomfortable boob tent contraption or simply away from conversations and fun that I should be engaged in. Instead, I chose to enjoy this most nurturing of times with my darling girl out in the wild.
04/18/2017 01:04 EDT
A Letter To

A Letter To Mexico

My darling Mexico, I hurt for you. I hurt that you're being abused by those meant to protect you. I hurt that all your beauty and your kindness and your art and your people exist overshadowed by corruption and I promise you that we will visit again.
04/04/2017 04:57 EDT
Dear Duchess Kate, Let's Rewrite The Story On Kids' Mental

Dear Duchess Kate, Let's Rewrite The Story On Kids' Mental Health

I lift my fascinator in fascination of your efforts to advocate so publicly for the candid mental health conversation. It is one we need to encourage and one we owe a social responsibility to facilitate. We need to speak out so our children dare to do so sooner.
09/23/2016 12:47 EDT
Beauty Is Your Name: A Letter To My

Beauty Is Your Name: A Letter To My Daughter

Because my baby girl, you come from a proud line of loving, nurturing, loud laughing, often giggling, deeply feeling and wonderful women with curves who have been wounded by other people's aesthetic expectations and cheated by their own understanding of perfection. I want you to see me love myself for all the gorgeous, nurturing mamas that came before me.
06/08/2016 09:29 EDT