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Lionel Fritz Adimi

Master candidate in international relations, McGill University

Lionel Fritz Adimi is a graduate of University of Montreal where he received a BA in political science. He is pursuing a Master degree in international relations at McGill University. Passionate about international politics, he is interested in security issues in Sub-Saharan Africa, terrorism, ethnic and confessional conflicts, peacebuilding operations, regional integration as well as the emergence of rising powers such as China and India and their implication in West Africa.
What If Trudeau Was Right About Gokhan Sahin via Getty Images

What If Trudeau Was Right About ISIS?

Justin Trudeau has said that, if elected, he would end ISIS' combat mission. Further operations in the region will only benefit ISIS, as it has become a major source of attraction for foreign fighters from all over the world, coming to defeat the West and establishing the caliphate. The West is losing the war against ISIS so far.
07/23/2015 12:19 EDT