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Lionel Tiger


Lionel Tiger was born in Montreal, and studied at McGill and the London School of Economics. He is Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus at Rutgers University. Among his books are MEN IN GROUPS, THE IMPERIAL ANIMAL, OPTIMISM: THE BIOLOGY OF HOPE, THE MANUFACTURE OF EVIL, THE PURSUIT OF PLEASURE, and GOD'S BRAIN. He lives in New York City. His portrait is by Joyce Ravid.
An Ode to the Man Who Fathered CP

An Ode to the Man Who Fathered CSIS

Robert Kaplan who had been Solicitor General and a Liberal MP for years passed on last week. I met him first in 1958 can you believe it when we were among a group of students at a World University Service of Canada seminar in West Africa.
11/12/2012 05:36 EST