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Lisa Abram

A marketing, communications and fundraising professional who is passionate about protecting the environment for future generations to enjoy.

Lisa Abram is a marketing, communications and fundraising professional with experience ranging from the film and television industry and the ad agency business to the arts and culture community. She is an accomplished writer and been published in the <em>Winnipeg Free Press</em> and national publications <em>Reader's Digest: More of Our Canada</em> and <em>Bob Izumi's Real Fishing magazines</em>. Lisa holds a Masters degree in Environmental Studies and worked with the Haisla Nation, Ecotrust and Conservation-International Canada to develop a framework for ecotourism planning to protect the Greater Kitlope Ecosystem near Kitimat, B.C. Her interests include heritage building preservation and she became a public voice to save an historic turn-of-the-century pumping station in Winnipeg.
Becoming The Woman My Bubby Wanted Me To

Becoming The Woman My Bubby Wanted Me To Be

To understand my bubby was to really know and love her. She held firm to a tough exterior to complement her large figure. And she constantly measured and compared my love for her against the deep affection I held for my paternal grandmother. But stubbornness comes in all shapes and sizes, and Sara's was no match for a prepubescent girl like me. I hadn't developed the life skills yet to combat her insurmountable insecurities.
05/10/2017 01:40 EDT
Finding Happiness Through

Finding Happiness Through Self-Expression

I recently read a heart-wrenching essay in The Globe and Mail's Facts and Arguments section. It's about a woman named Sally who is going through a difficult emotional time and questioning the universe while having a spa day. Her turmoil was palpable, her angst was raw, and her self-doubt was heart-wrenching.
11/08/2016 01:34 EST
These Are A Few Of My Favourite

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

What I have come to know is that we feverishly cling to our childhood items for a host of personal, often inexplicable, reasons. Perhaps as the precarious nature of life and death teeters, totters and tiptoes around us, we instinctively pull them closer to us.
10/18/2016 11:28 EDT
How I Overcame A Fear Of My Food

How I Overcame A Fear Of My Food Processor

What was the reason for my inability to learn how to use the food processor? I had assembled complicated furniture from IKEA, overcame a fear of heights with indoor rock climbing lessons, and tackled claustrophobia by entering our three-foot crawl space.
09/14/2016 05:24 EDT
The Joy Of Unexpected

The Joy Of Unexpected Parenthood

My brother and his wife were trying to have a baby for the last seven years. With their hard earned savings, they set their sights on pursuing countless fertility treatments. Hanging on to a promise from one clinic that results were "guaranteed," they drove many long hours with remarkable sangfroid to receive treatments. But it was never going to be that simple for them.
08/02/2016 12:02 EDT
The Road Map For A Life Well

The Road Map For A Life Well Lived

Last December I was invited to a friend's Christmas lunch. After introductions were made to the six women in the room, conversation soon turned to the topic of death. A guest just arrived from a funeral and wanted to share the gravitas of the moment with us.
06/17/2016 11:40 EDT
My Gardener Broke Up With

My Gardener Broke Up With Me

My only attempt at gardening was when I was living in the Prairies. I managed to keep alive a flowering plant one summer, and carefully washed it as instructed before bringing it indoors for the winter, only to have a scourge of flying aphids in the house! Evidently, gardening is not a core competency of mine.
12/31/2015 12:33 EST
Running Can Inspire People To Acts Of

Running Can Inspire People To Acts Of Virtue

Now in my 50s, I look back over the last five years or so with quiet resolve. Four girlfriends have been diagnosed with breast cancer, all with different journeys. When the sobering statistics warn that one in nine women will get this dreaded disease, I know that cancer lurks in the shadows.
11/17/2015 01:02 EST
Volunteering Is Just As Valuable As Paid

Volunteering Is Just As Valuable As Paid Work

As my professional life blossomed so did the work expectations and long hours that I needed to put into my demanding career. It was an inverse relationship in the making: the more I worked, the less time I had for personal things in my life like athletics, friends and relationships. Something had to give. And sadly it was volunteering.
10/27/2015 12:04 EDT
Searching for My Hockey

Searching for My Hockey Hero

I understood the importance of the Toronto Maple Leafs as an institution when my dad took me to a Toronto Marlies game around 1973 and I caught my first puck. In my 10-year-old mind, that black piece of rubber was as close to hockey royalty as I could ever imagine touching.
10/01/2015 05:29 EDT
What I Learned After a Year of Living in

What I Learned After a Year of Living in Victoria

It's not as straightforward to simply relocate across the country. The theory that all provinces are alike is misguided, even though we do share two uniting forces in this great country -- ice hockey and our health care system.
08/17/2015 05:21 EDT
Moving Across Canada Helped Me Understand What Home

Moving Across Canada Helped Me Understand What Home Means

Once the wheels were in motion to sell our house, I started to reflect on the idea of change and what that would mean for us. I'd have to quit the job that I loved, working in the culturally rich Winnipeg arts community and vacate the life that I set up for myself since moving to Winnipeg from Toronto.
08/11/2015 08:19 EDT
A Strange Turn in the Road of

A Strange Turn in the Road of Life

There may be a point in our life when we approach the stop sign of mortality at the same intersection of humanity and friendship
07/28/2015 04:55 EDT
I Lived a Dream of

I Lived a Dream of Africa

In 1989, I flew to see the gorillas in Zaire. I was a determined 25-year-old; I had never flown solo across the world. It was always intended as a three-week window into adventure and nothing more. I needed to fully experience what lay one-dimensional in my university books.
07/22/2015 12:58 EDT
Do We Love Elephants Enough to Save Them From

Do We Love Elephants Enough to Save Them From Extinction?

There is an overwhelming urgency to save elephants, the world's largest land mammal, from extinction. Quite simply, there are less of them around than when the world community agreed to create Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
07/02/2015 05:30 EDT