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Lisa Brookman

Psychotherapist at West Island Therapy Centre, co-founder and blogger at, proud mama of 3

Lisa Brookman is a psychotherapist and the co-director of the <a href="" rel="nofollow">West Island Therapy Centre</a>, in Montreal, Canada. She is also the co-founder and blogger at <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Wise Women Canada</a> - a popular online parenting and lifestyle magazine. She blogs about life, parenting and mental health issues. <br> <br> Lisa is a regular contributor on Breakfast Television Montreal, Mom talk, CJAD talk radio and has appeared in several news publications like the Montreal Gazette. <br> <br> She is married to her university sweetheart and is most notably, a mom of three amazing kids, an expert in multi-tasker and self proclaimed home design guru. <br> <br> Follow Lisa <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> or on twitter <a rel="nofollow"> @wisewomenmtl</a> <br> or her blog <a href="" rel="nofollow"> Wise Women Canada</a>
Embrace Your Children For Who They

Embrace Your Children For Who They Are

My son is not a "man's man." He's soft-spoken, creative, warm, demonstrative and sensitive teen. He's not rugged or tough and he doesn't excel at sports. He is extraordinarily artistic with an amazing flare for fashion and design. He is very demonstrative, a great listener and a wonderful friend.
05/16/2016 04:33 EDT
How A Day Of Dress Shopping Helped Me Embrace My

How A Day Of Dress Shopping Helped Me Embrace My Curves

I soon realized that when I started my search for the perfect dress, there was no inspiration, no larger models modeling gorgeous dresses and, even more disappointing, most stores don't even carry larges sizes. Everyone wants to feel beautiful -- regardless of their size or shape. And today, unfortunately I didn't.
03/14/2016 02:24 EDT
When Someone You Love Is

When Someone You Love Is Depressed

Although we wish they would just "snap out of it" and stop feeling sorry for themselves, it's important to remember that depression is an illness, not sadness or self-pity... People don't enjoy being depressed. It's certainly not a choice. If they could just "snap out of it and get over it," then trust me, they would.
02/16/2016 09:37 EST