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Lisa Bui

Social Activist, Founder of Picture the Future

Lisa Bui is an accomplished social activist and youth engagement advocate within her native Calgary, an arts and culture youth blogger and a passionate traveller. She is an avid and dedicated volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross, currently founder and President of the University of Calgary Red Cross Club and founder of Picture the Future Movement.

The Cash-Strapped Student's Guide To Creating Perfect Winter Memories

There isn't a single spot in your brain that is reserved for "the Winter Holidays," instead, you would remember the "Winter Holidays" by the smell of hot chocolate or eggnog, the sudden jingle of bells, or warmth given off by the heat of a warm fire. Memories are created and triggered by your senses. These are great activities to do in Calgary that will stimulate your senses...because you'll never know when you are creating a memory.
12/21/2012 04:10 EST