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Lisa Davidson

Toronto based Yoga Instructor, Runner and Mother.

Lisa is an Ashtanga, Vinyasa & Jock Yoga instructor & runner based in Toronto. She was introduced to the world of health and fitness at a young age when she ran on her school track team and started dancing. After many years of competing in dance, she turned professional and performed with a variety of companies around the world. Once Lisa said goodbye to her performing days, she fell in love with yoga and fell back in love with running. Lisa has run two full marathons and a plethora of half marathons, 10k & 5k races. This Spring brings a new run challenge for her as she embarks on going back to her track days, running the 800 & 1500m distances. <br> Drawing on her enthusiasm for running, yoga and dance, in Lisa's yoga classes you can expect to work up a sweat, build your strength and increase your stamina. In addition to teaching athletically challenging yoga classes, Lisa also specializes in teaching yoga specifically for runners. <br> Lisa believes in the importance of both a mental and physical well-being for leading a happy and healthy life. When she is not on the mat or hitting the pavement to train for her next race, Lisa strives to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle, starting with her son.
How To Balance Wellness And

How To Balance Wellness And Family

I know that feeling of saying goodnight to your little one and just wanting to collapse on the couch... As parents we are so busy taking care of everyone else that we let our own health slide. That needs to change.
02/03/2016 02:15 EST