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Lisa Diamond Katz and Shira Wood

Gallery Owners, Art Interiors

For 20 years, owners Lisa Diamond Katz and Shira Wood have believed that everyone should be able to own an original piece of art and as a result they have created a well curated, approachable gallery with works representing a variety of styles and genres by Canadian artists.

Lisa Diamond Katz graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Western Ontario. While working at a well-known poster publishing and distribution company, Lisa realized customers were spending more on frames than the reproductions inside them. She envisioned a place where people could buy original pieces of art at affordable prices.

Shira Wood studied Fine Art at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating in 1992, Shira worked for a custom furniture company before moving on to the Toronto Design Exchange, where she created original, hand-painted designs for custom furnishings. An artist herself, Shira understood the struggle typical of young artists: finding a place to show and sell their work.

Since opening Art Interiors in 1993, Lisa and Shira have a built solid reputation among art collectors and decorators as an excellent source for work by young as well as established artists.

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