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Lisa Durante

Working mom advocate and strategist / I help working mamas create a life that works

Hi, I'm Lisa Durante. I help working moms create a life that works by sharing resources, insights and practical strategies to better balance their career ambitions with all the love and fun their families bring.

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It's Time To Lift The Stigma On Working Christopher Robbins via Getty Images

It's Time To Lift The Stigma On Working Dads

"Had to take this call. Can't leave. Will meet you there. Sorry." Practice starts at 6 p.m. and Frank so very badly wants to cheer for his little girl on the sidelines. He knows it's not always possible or fair for me to drop my work to make sure she gets there on time -- but, like half of working dads, he's struggling to balance the competing demands of work and family life.
06/15/2016 06:02 EDT
#PrayforSophie Shames Working Moms Who Ask For ASSOCIATED PRESS

#PrayforSophie Shames Working Moms Who Ask For Help

Yes, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau asked for help. And with that request, a firestorm has ensued that has attacked her station. I don't mean her ambiguously political role as the spouse of Canada's prime minister or her status of privilege. I very much mean her standing as a working mother.
05/25/2016 12:39 EDT