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Lisa Kinsella

Managing Partner, Daisy Consulting Group

Lisa Kinsella is the managing partner of Daisy Consulting Group, and leads Daisy's government relations practice. Originally from Canada’s west coast, Lisa spent nearly a decade on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill, having held senior positions in many political offices, including having worked for former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. She has been happily calling Toronto home for seven years.

Lisa has extensive experience in communications and media management. Currently, she is a regular political commentator on both television and radio. Find her on Twitter @LisaKinsella.
I'm Fighting To Keep A Neo-Nazi Paper Out Of My

I'm Fighting To Keep A Neo-Nazi Paper Out Of My Neighbourhood

It's not just the U.S. that is experiencing an increase in hate, it's been here at home -- Toronto -- for quite some time. And it's been landing on our doorsteps. It's the misogynist, racist, anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim and homophobic piece of garbage that calls itself the innocuous sounding "Your Ward News."
12/05/2016 12:18 EST
Eve Adams Reveals the Hypocrisy of Trudeau's

Eve Adams Reveals the Hypocrisy of Trudeau's "Open Nominations"

Justin Trudeau warmly ushered Adams into the Liberal tent, calling her "value-driven" and lauding Adams' "commitment to public service." Fair enough. But the Conservative-turned-Liberal Adams raises some interesting questions about the nomination process and begs the question, once again: Are the Liberal nominations actually open? Of course they are not. By continuing to insist that Liberal nominations are open and democratic, Trudeau is undermining his own efforts to present himself as a positive alternative to Stephen Harper.
02/10/2015 12:56 EST