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Lisa Kozoriz

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Lisa Kozoriz lives in Toronto's East End. When she's not knitting cat toys, she enjoys a pint or three at her local pub and hosts living room dance parties. She also writes a lifestyle blog featuring food, culture and local happenings at with her sister.
My Years as a Strip Club Coat Check

My Years as a Strip Club Coat Check Girl

I rang up my girlfriend who was bartending at a strip bar, admitted hella nervous with the prospect of working at a strip bar but I lacked the motivation to pound the pavement with my thin resume. The only opening her place had was a coat check girl.
12/02/2014 01:23 EST
I'm 36 - It's Time to Get My Braces

I'm 36 - It's Time to Get My Braces Off

Almost three years ago, I decided to live out a teenage nightmare and I signed up for braces to correct my raging overbite. I've described my experience of having braces as grown up lady as well as the surprise jaw surgeries and gum grafting that came with it. Let me tell you, those operations pale in comparison to the daily drama of living with braces for three years.
04/21/2014 08:06 EDT
My Adventures in Gum

My Adventures in Gum Grafting

The gum grafting was going to be done to just two of my lower teeth -- the ones that needed the most attention. I was injected with a local anesthetic that would block out the sensation of flesh being liberated from the roof of my mouth and then stitched on top of my lower gum line. After a few scrapes I was quite sure that I was feeling the scraping much more than I should be...
12/03/2013 05:40 EST
The Road to Perfect Teeth: One Gal's

The Road to Perfect Teeth: One Gal's Quest

I've had braces on my (finally straight!) teeth for over two years now and I have been documenting the trials and tribulations along the way. Aside from braces, upper and lower jaw surgery were deemed necessary for me in order to obtain a correct bite. My teeth were so poorly formed that braces could only accomplish so much.
10/02/2013 12:19 EDT
Eating My Way Through Italy -- With

Eating My Way Through Italy -- With Braces

I entered the years-long journey into adult braces in 2011. Amongst the list of banned foods were: hard fruits and vegetables, pizza, crusty bread... Pizza?! I was going to Italy in two weeks. Once there, I longed to bite into the plump and crispy cornetti pastry. I switched to a late morning glass of wine.
12/04/2012 05:43 EST