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Lisa Martin-DeMoor

Editor, Writer and Poet

Lisa Martin-DeMoor is the co-editor of How to Expect What You're Not Expecting: Stories of Pregnancy, Parenthood, and Loss (Touchwood Editions, 2013), and the author of an award-winning poetry collection, One crow sorrow (Brindle & Glass, 2008). She keeps a blog about writing and motherhood at
Blue Days and Dark Nights: Making Room for Loss at Shutterstock

Blue Days and Dark Nights: Making Room for Loss at Christmas

The doctor squirted goo on my round belly and dragged the doppler wand across it, and we listened to the doppler's staticky, promising nothingness for a long time. I didn't want to believe I could lose this too. So even when my doctor left the room to find a colleague, even when the colleague appeared and took her turn listening carefully, moving the doppler systematically across my lower abdomen, pressing hard, sweeping and turning and sweeping again, and finding nothing--even then, I held out hope that this time things could still turn out in my favour.
12/20/2013 05:07 EST