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Liz Logan

Tribal Chief of Treaty 8 Tribal Assn.

Liz Logan is a Dene woman from the Fort Nelson First Nation. Liz was educated in the health, business management and administration fields. Having worked extensively in these areas for over 25 years, she returned to her community in 1998. This varied background assists Liz in the many facets and challenges facing her people.

Liz is a descendent of Chief Jimmie Badine who signed the Fort Nelson First Nation adhesion to Treaty #8. She has continued in her ancestor’s path in her beliefs that the promises made in that treaty are to be honoured, for the good of her people today, and for those yet to be born.
She was first elected in 1998 as chief of the Fort Nelson First Nation and was re-elected to four terms, ending in 2008.

She is the Tribal Chief of Treaty 8 Tribal Association, with delegated authority from the Council of Treaty 8 Chiefs, on matters related to negotiations with the Province of B.C., some major projects proposed through Treaty 8 Territory, and meetings with senior government officials and industry representatives.
Site C Dam Is Unneeded Archaic

Site C Dam Is Unneeded Archaic Mega-Project

We question where the region's breaking point is. We question how much is too much. We want to be clear that we are not opposed to development opportunities, our region has been welcoming oil, gas and mining projects for nearly 60 years. We simply want developers and government, including organizations like BC Hydro to respect the rights and values of those who live here every day.
01/30/2014 05:05 EST