Liz Marshall

Auteur Filmmaker

Liz Marshall is an auteur filmmaker who fuses cinematic storytelling with social and environmental justice issues. Since the late 90s she has created award winning and socially relevant projects shot all over the world. Liz is well versed in the craft of visual, conceptual, and social-issue storytelling, with a special interest and talent for intimate character-driven narratives. Her latest film is <em>The Ghosts In Our Machine</em> (2013).
Can Documentary Films Be Catalysts For

Can Documentary Films Be Catalysts For Change?

I'm often asked: Do you really believe in change? And while I acknowledge that it's hard to be hopeful sometimes, I do, undeniably, believe that a better world is always possible. This is where documentaries play a significant cultural sociopolitical role. They are the narratives of our times.
05/28/2013 12:22 EDT