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Liza Finlay

Psychotherapist, Writer

Liza Finlay is a practicing psychotherapist and renowned writer. She authors’s couples’ advice column and her articles on depression, anxiety and eating disorders have appeared in magazines such as Flare, Chatelaine, and Parents Canada. She penned the “Dear Liza” advice column for Family Outlook magazine and has edited numerous books, children’s books and academic articles on parenting and psychology.
Some Mental Health Myths to Forget About in

Some Mental Health Myths to Forget About in 2013

These bull-crap beliefs become entrenched at an early age and are handed down from generation to generation. But we need to question. Here are a few of the most pervasive myth understandings to leave behind as you head into a new year. Leave these mental albatrosses buried in 2012 where they belong.
12/24/2012 12:17 EST
Couples Work: How to Survive Holiday

Couples Work: How to Survive Holiday Gift-Giving

Last Christmas, my best friend's spouse bought her a pair of furry, leopard panties -- size XXL. He's never lived it down. But even that unfortunate purchase is eclipsed by a gift one of my clients received from her mate: a pair of nose-hair clippers, sent, with love, from "The Nose Hair Fairy." For many couples, gift-giving is a minefield of potential conflict.
12/10/2012 12:22 EST
Turns Out Empathy is

Turns Out Empathy is Contagious

Empathy is part of our anatomy. It's just that, like a muscle, it needs to be flexed. What this means is that we are wired for compassion, for caring, for connection. As children scratch out long holiday wish lists, parents have an unparalleled opportunity for empathy training. This time of year provides tremendous teaching moments. Here are a few:
11/30/2012 05:58 EST