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Lizanne Foster

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Lizanne Foster, who currently teaches in Surrey, British Columbia, became a teacher by accident in apartheid-era South Africa.
Our Opportunity Is Here To Oust The B.C. CP

Our Opportunity Is Here To Oust The B.C. Liberals

We have the opportunity to elect a new government led by politicians who spend more than 36 days a year in the Legislature. Politicians who behave like public servants, not sycophants for foreign corporations.We have the opportunity to have a government that puts people before profiteering, a government that enacts a Poverty Reduction Plan like all other provinces have done.
03/23/2017 11:51 EDT
B.C. NDP 'Good Enough' To Do Better Than Liberals Ever Chad Hipolito/Canadian Press

B.C. NDP 'Good Enough' To Do Better Than Liberals Ever Did

I'm going to vote for the B.C. NDP, not because they're the perfect party, and not because I expect them to undo 16 years of B.C. Liberal rule anytime soon. I'm going to vote for them because they're a team of good-enough politicians who I expect to do the very best they can given the massive provincial debt they will inherit from the B.C. Liberals.
02/13/2017 01:23 EST
Where Is Your Outrage, Citizens Of CP/Darryl Dyck

Where Is Your Outrage, Citizens Of B.C.?

On Saturday, it felt good to be one of thousands marching in B.C. to challenge the misogynist rhetoric of a narcissistic president. But today, when I think about what is happening in our own province, I wonder when we will see thousands take to the streets to protest the egregious actions of the B.C. Liberal government and Christy Clark?
01/23/2017 11:59 EST
Spare Us The Hyperbole About Flexibility In B.C.'s New THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Spare Us The Hyperbole About Flexibility In B.C.'s New Curriculum

It's disingenuous for the B.C. Liberal government to couch its new curriculum within a framework of flexibility while simultaneously removing billions from the education budget thereby causing ever more restrictions on what is possible in classrooms. It's especially galling that the minister does not acknowledge that teachers have been transforming education for decades, continuously responding to "the demands of a changing world" without much support for this Herculean task from the ministry.
09/19/2016 01:36 EDT
I Strive To Make My Classroom A Safe Space For ColorBlind Images via Getty Images

I Strive To Make My Classroom A Safe Space For Students

There's no need to list all the ways that many public schools can be inhospitable places for students. Not only is there the physical discomfort of sitting for hours each day but there is also the navigating of a range of emotional gauntlets: the whispered comments in the hallways, the judgements about clothes, the betrayal of "friends" on Facebook.
09/12/2016 02:03 EDT
What Do We Teach Students In Times Like Steve Debenport via Getty Images

What Do We Teach Students In Times Like These?

In the past I've explained the psychological, sociological, cultural, political and evolutionary basis for human behaviour but, given recent events, I no longer believe that that's enough. My students, in the face of revent world events, want to know one thing in particular: they want to know why it's so hard for people to get along with other people.
07/19/2016 01:42 EDT
The Skills That Only Teenagers LWA/Dann Tardif via Getty Images

The Skills That Only Teenagers Possess

Dear Teens: I wish that schools nurtured your creativity instead of punishing it. I wish that you were given time each day to allow your ideas to gestate. And I fervently wish that public schools were funded as a priority so that you had all the tools you needed to show us what we cannot see. It's no wonder that many of you are tired. I would be exhausted every day if I had to adjust and adapt to a new environment every hour as you do in schools.
02/22/2016 07:22 EST
B.C. Voters Care About More Than Darryl Dyck/CP

B.C. Voters Care About More Than Money

Does Premier Christy Clark believe that money is the only thing on the minds of voters? Does she think that voters are really enjoying having the extra money in their pockets from all her tax cuts so that they can have the choice to pay to cross bridges? Does she think we're pleased that we have some extra change to support school fundraisers and to donate to Adopt-a-School?
01/11/2016 11:17 EST
The Children Christy Clark CP

The Children Christy Clark Forgot

I'm thinking of the students who wish school was open today. The ones whose only meal each day is the one they get through a school meal program. Premier Christy Clark is probably hoping that we have forgotten about her broken promises. She won't want us to remember what she said about putting "families first" in her last election campaign.
12/23/2015 12:04 EST