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Lonnie Taylor

Adventure/Travel Industry

Lonnie was born in Calgary. He is a local community connector and can often be found at public events and festivals. Since his youth and before the internet became a common household service he has used electronic communications to communicate with people. In 2004 he graduated from SAIT with a diploma in New Media Production and Design and at the age of 22 became one of the institutions youngest educators. He currently works in the adventure and travel industry and frequently volunteers as a promoter with the Calgary Stampede.
Cassettes Are Cool

Cassettes Are Cool Again!

Despite the headaches of tape in my early years I've come back to it. It took many months of agonising over which cassette deck to buy and whether I'd even enjoy the hobby; after all, together with my wife we've amassed a large collection of vinyl records that offer a warmer, clearer, just plain higher sound quality.
12/13/2016 11:52 EST
The Cable-free

The Cable-free Calgarian

After many years of happily enjoying my favourite television shows and movies on my laptop, I decided I wanted something that resembled an entertainment center.
12/27/2013 06:14 EST
How To Have An Awesome Auction

How To Have An Awesome Auction Experience

Ever since I was a small boy I remember visiting many flea markets and antique dealers throughout my life. I've always gotten a kick out of seeing the unique, the strange and practical things that people like to buy and sell. I grew up in a house that always had slightly used things and have had parents that appreciate the history stored in objects. Collecting has always seemed like an urban treasure hunt.
08/07/2013 06:36 EDT
Introducing Wakefield

Introducing Wakefield Brewster

I first met Wakefield last year during the first People's Poetry Festival. He struck me as a larger than life character with a magnetic energy which compelled people to listen to every word he spoke. In discussions with him he revealed that he had come from Toronto, firstly for love, and secondly for the opportunity to connect with a new audience. He is like a pioneer of sorts in the world of spoken word and has been largely welcomed into its circles in Calgary.
08/29/2012 05:36 EDT
The Calgary That We Used to

The Calgary That We Used to Know

In February I asked my Twitter followers to tweet about things in Calgary that either no longer exist or have been around for a long time under the hashtag #CalgaryRetro. With over 600 tweets, I seem to have hit a nerve. From the Calgary Tower, to some very special local TV shows, native Albertans hold old Calgary near and dear to their hearts.
08/17/2012 08:15 EDT