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Loreli Cockram

Blogger, Activist, Beauty-Seeker

Loreli Cockram’s experience as a cross-cultural worker, fair trade business owner, and women’s ministry leader set her on a path to research and write about women’s issues. She speaks to various churches and women’s organizations and writes on her personal website Loreli is a self-described “beauty seeker,” on the hunt for and sharing stories of beauty because she believes beauty has the power to change the world. Loreli was recently interviewed on the TV program 100 Huntley Street to discuss her latest research on beauty and how it affects the way we live our lives. Loreli was previously social media journalist for the Free Methodist Church in Canada. She told stories of “unsung heroes” across Canada, who work for the better of their communities. Loreli is currently chair of a private refugee sponsorship group. Loreli lives in a multicultural neighbourhood in Etobicoke, Ontario with her husband, John-Mark, and her two teenage daughters, Mallory and Sophia.
Embracing Grey Hair Opened My Eyes To A New Depth Of Loreli Cockram

Embracing Grey Hair Opened My Eyes To A New Depth Of Beauty

Looking at my greying hair at least once a day, I stopped seeing it like I used to -- as a sign of defeat -- but more like acquiring a loyalty to my age. I started to accept the mantle of middle-aged maturity toward which this "crown" motivated me. It showed up mostly (surprisingly) in my relationships with other women.
07/12/2016 03:50 EDT