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Lori Gard

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Lori Gard is a teacher, parent to four children, life-partner to her husband Brian, community volunteer and expert in multi-tasking, all of which can be combined simultaneously in any random order in her current passion, blogging. She has found each facet of her life to provide endless writing material for her blog. Lori was born and raised in the Maritimes, and has lived “up West” in P.E.I. since graduating with a degree in Education from the Island’s only university in 1999. Although she will never be a born and bred Islander, she still tries to embrace life the Island way.

The Photo of the Pope That Got Me Thinking

I have been deeply moved by these pictures of the Pope touching the man with the disfigurement that have gone viral across the Internet. Not because the Pope is doing something supernatural or mystical to that of other human beings, but because pictures like these still get a reaction
11/09/2013 12:41 EST
Huffington Post

Why Board Games Are Not for This Mom

I have decided that board games were originally invented with the sole purpose in mind of driving parents crazy. Because that is exactly how I feel after I finish playing them with the Littles. While...
11/09/2013 06:05 EST

Perspectives: When You Feel Empty and Worn Out

I am scraping out the innards of a huge spaghetti squash with a spoon. Yellow fibers and white seeds accumulate in a soft pile on my cutting board. I work purposefully -- around and around. The more I...
10/23/2013 12:22 EDT

Why I'm Buying My Daughter a Doll in a Wheelchair for Christmas This Year

When Daughter first picked out the Allie doll and accompanying "Heal and Care Set" (complete with foldable wheelchair and crutches), I felt a little conflicted: Should I be buying her a doll that objectifies a child with special needs? Is this a respectful toy? But I like to trust children's instincts on things.
10/20/2013 10:33 EDT

Moms, Take a Second to Hug Your Kids - They Need It

I am all for moms who don't take themselves too seriously -- who don't try too hard to be perfect and who accept themselves for who they are, warts and all. I am all for mothers who are 'people' first. Who love who they are and are proud to chase their dreams. Because sometimes we mamas just get lost in this parenting gig, and we wake up 25 years later and wonder who we are.
10/16/2013 05:55 EDT

When Running Is Futile and Giving Brings the Joy Back

I have been feeling it all week -- like a balloon expanding far past its limit. It pushes on my chest and squeezes my lungs. Stress. Anxiety. Tension. It is eating away at me from the inside out. I wa...
10/13/2013 11:33 EDT

Parenting Perspectives: Blink- and the Day is Done

My life is pretty manic most of the time. I operate mainly on stress-mode. Push the fast-forward button. Live like there's no tomorrow. And there are days when I wonder if I will even make it to the e...
09/26/2013 12:19 EDT

Why the Light in the Gable Matters to Me

The lights are on again tonight. They burn, soft glowing light inside our house, as is the usual way, of course. When darkness comes, lamps are lit. But our lights -- they are different. They speak of...
09/22/2013 11:17 EDT

Start Where You Are: A Teacher's Story

A few years ago, I was dealing with some mysterious health issues. I was having trouble with my stomach. Having trouble with my skin. My respiratory system. My mental health. I was having trouble, and thus feeling in general like I was ten years older than I actually was. My stress levels were through the roof, and I was also having anxiety attacks. Then four words from a doctor changed my life: "Start where you are."
09/15/2013 01:16 EDT

Why I Choose Not to Judge My Former Teenaged Self

I just finished reading two blog posts on the matter of being a teenaged girl, and all that this entails. Matters concerning image and reputation and sexuality. My own response is forthcoming. But fi...
09/10/2013 11:53 EDT

Inclusive Education Isn't What I Thought It Was: It's Something Better

I have come to realize that my initial understandings about inclusive education and what it entails were wrong in that they were off-course as to the desired intent of inclusionary teaching. My initial belief was that inclusive education was okay, so long as it was equal. I now realize that inclusion doesn't need to mean pure equality.
09/09/2013 12:20 EDT

To Teach Is To Touch Lives

To teach is to forever be a part of something bigger. Is to forever be a piece of that sacred puzzle which creates something profound from that which is very small. That is the beauty of the life of a child. To teach is to touch lives. To listen. To lift. To motivate. To compel. To inspire. To encourage. To enrich. And above all, to teach is to use one's life to make a difference.
09/02/2013 09:33 EDT

What I Won't Miss About Summer

I love summer. Love, love, love it. It is the most wonderful time of the year. It is what we northerners wait for, what we hope for and what we crave through those dark and dreary winter months. It's the light at the end of the tunnel. But I realized that there are a FEW things I will not miss about summer.
08/30/2013 12:19 EDT

When Teachers Teach to Reach

There are two times a year when P.E.I. teachers feel like celebrities. Once during the Annual Provincial Teacher's Convention when rubbing shoulders with various Muckety-Mucks from across the continen...
08/28/2013 04:27 EDT

What Miley Cyrus Needs Is a Good Teacher

Since all the blogging world is in a tailspin over Miley Cyrus and her antics on MTV's VMAs, it might be a great time to shift the focus away from Miley and the like. What kids need are adults who are invested in helping them grow their character along with their brain. Am I saying that Miley's family failed her? Not really. But I know this to be true: teachers can reach students and inspire them in ways that celebrity cannot.
08/27/2013 05:42 EDT

Why Home Renovations Bring Out the Best in Me

Last week, I went away on a six-day excursion, some of which was spent without the company of Husband. Which is to say, I took the two youngest and flew the coop. I left with the understanding that Hu...
08/21/2013 03:14 EDT

Lowering Expectations: Why the Glass is Half Full

This is not about lowering standards, convictions or expectations that I have made for myself. It is about lowering the expectations I have placed on others. And in the process, allowing people to be the marvelous and wonderful creation they were meant to be.
08/12/2013 05:41 EDT