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Lori Gard

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Lori Gard is a teacher, parent to four children, life-partner to her husband Brian, community volunteer and expert in multi-tasking, all of which can be combined simultaneously in any random order in her current passion, blogging. She has found each facet of her life to provide endless writing material for her blog. Lori was born and raised in the Maritimes, and has lived “up West” in P.E.I. since graduating with a degree in Education from the Island’s only university in 1999. Although she will never be a born and bred Islander, she still tries to embrace life the Island way.

Does Proper Grammar Still Matter?

But seriously. Is it just me, or is the general consensus among the speaking public no longer in favor of proper word usage? And should I really care about this little grammar faux pas when compared to the greater schemata of more serious and pressing life concerns?
02/18/2013 12:54 EST

Dispatches From Down East: Thank God It's Sunday Night

Two storm days back-to-back, courtesy of the Nor'easter that hit the Maritimes this past weekend, and I am more exhausted and wrung out than I was Friday afternoon. I now know why some animals eat their offspring. It would at the very least be one way to keep things quiet around the den.
02/11/2013 12:58 EST

Why Gratitude Matters

Living life with gratitude sometimes means one must offer thanks at the most un-opportune moments. Uttering words of gratitude even for those things in life which one is not always fully enjoying, passionately loving, deriving pleasure or benefiting greatly from nor receiving back a large measure of happiness.
02/09/2013 12:15 EST

The Parent-Teacher Phonecall Needs a Makeover

Last year, a woman with far more experience than I in the education field came to our school to speak to the staff. In her discussion, she broached the topic of communication with parents. And one thing she said stuck in my head and has challenged me ever since.
02/04/2013 08:37 EST

The Importance Of Being Alone

Taking a deep breath, I make the necessary calls to cancel evening plans. After doing so, the sense of peace that washes over me, I might have never known. Because now, and all because of botched plans, I have this whole three-quarters of an hour to myself.
01/25/2013 05:28 EST

Dear Robert Munsch: Love You Forever

Our school lost a shining light this week. A little boy -- six years old. He, the lover of hockey, fishing and fun, was taken suddenly, leaving our school community grappling with life and death issues. In my classroom, I turned to the one sure thing I knew could shed some light, love and laughter on an otherwise dark cloud that hovered low. Your books.
01/16/2013 05:15 EST

Dispatches From Down East: Remember to Play in the Snow

A hectic day left me feeling pretty cranky by the time lunch was over. There was a rush out the door taking us to the local rink. When our troupe got there, something magic came over me. I remembered what it felt like again to walk in the snow toward the monkey bars. Then I realize -- each day, from start to finish is a gift.
01/14/2013 05:20 EST

A Mother's Story: How to Love Your Angsty Pre-Teen

More words were exchanged between us two just the day before. Trying to sort out the tangled web of emotions from the days prior. He, with a hoodie pulled over his face. Me, raw emotions and bundled nerves pleading for answers. Both of us feeling raw and exposed. On a road of good intentions, going nowhere fast.
01/10/2013 05:07 EST

Why I Never Want to Take the Perfect Picture

I am learning, slowly, but surely, that life is not about taking the perfect picture. It is about the big picture. And the smaller ones that define and describe who and what we are. Husband turned and said to me, after the snowman fell and we were rebuilding a second, "He's just like all of us. Falling apart and getting re-built bigger and better again."
12/31/2012 04:59 EST

Ten Things That Restored My Faith in Humanity

In wake of the recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, there have been waves of anger and sorrow washing over us all. Young and old. Rich and poor. Believer and non-believer. Recently, I came across the 26 Moments That Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year article that has been floating around the Internet. When the world over finds itself in bleak mid-winter, the sun comes out and shines across the shadows.
12/22/2012 06:58 EST

What I Want Parents to Know About Lockdown Drills

We sit, huddled tightly together in the cramped space of a corner. The blinds are darkly drawn, the door is shut. Locked. Little bodies press in close together to the wall. I place my body as a barrier along the tips of their tiny feet, all the while smiling into anxious children's eyes and modelling breathing.
12/16/2012 01:46 EST
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Dispatches From Down East: Christmas Shopping is a Gong Show

What happens when three excited children, one grandmother and two mamas/aunties go shopping together, manoeuvring a crowded mini-van through a torrential down-pour? Santa could at the very least provide a few of his slacker elves for babysitting service and maybe a reindeer or two for entertainment. Needless to say, online shopping is looking pretty good this year.
12/01/2012 04:23 EST

Dispatches From Down East: What I Know About Teachers

Teaching is a demanding profession. But I wouldn't trade teaching for another career. Educating children and motivating them to learn and discover the world around them is a true joy. And I am privileged to be one of the lucky ones.
11/17/2012 08:48 EST

Dispatches from Down East: Why My Halloween Spirit Lives On

Halloween may well be a time of ghost, goblins, witches and spirits. But when I celebrate Halloween, my focus is on loftier ideals. That is, on the drawing together of neighborhoods and communities in a unified desire to slow down and re-focus on all things fun and pleasurable.
11/02/2012 05:57 EDT

Dispatches from Down East: Seeing the Best in People

Sometimes it is hard to see the best in people. It is hard to see the best in a spouse, friend or colleague who doesn't live up to the expectations set. Who views the world through a different lens or view point. Who doesn't share one's passion and goals. Where would I be if the ones I love hadn't taken the time to see the best in me?
10/27/2012 07:47 EDT

In Support of the Strong-Willed Child

Dear Caregiver, I am sorry my child lay on the floor today and refused to participate in your class. I also apologize that she further disregarded your implicit instructions pertaining to scheduled activities, not to mention more than once did exactly the opposite of what you requested. Spirited kids are square pegs trying to fit into a round world. They are the ones asking "why" when others are saying "yes." And then some.
10/20/2012 02:28 EDT

Dispatches From Down East: Why I Don't Mind Being The Screamer

With the kids, my husband is the sensitive one. While I am the screamer, he is the voice of reason. I almost felt inadequate when he told me his approach. But then I remembered: who I am is enough too. I don't have to change who I am, I just have to channel the qualities that make me who I am in the right direction.
10/07/2012 08:54 EDT

Dispatches From Down East: Why Family Fun Is Overrated

I sometimes get jealous of my mommy friends when I hear them talk (brag) about sitting around as a family playing board games, charades and the like. I am a little confused about that whole concept of fun as a family. Whenever we all try to have family fun together, someone ends up crying. Here is how a recent "games night" at our house went down.
10/06/2012 08:19 EDT

Dispatches From Down East: My Motherly Instincts Paid Off

A new study out of the University of Texas has found that mild and moderate asthma sufferers may not need daily puffs from their inhalers any more. And I for one am breathing easier after confirmation that I was on the right track with this one all along. Maybe a mother's instincts are a credible decision-making force after all. From the start, I followed my gut and said no to year-round puffer usage and yes to steroids only when asthma flares up. I guess that puts our son six years ahead of the study.
10/05/2012 03:10 EDT