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Lorraine Powell

Ontario mom, trained chef and advocate for healthy living and fitspiration!

Lorraine Powell lives in Richmond Hill, Ont. with her husband Steven and their two dogs Rocky and Sargent. Lorraine and Steve have one beautiful, talented 26-year-old daughter Maxime.

Rocky is a 10-year-old one-eyed Bichon with bad knees, and Sargent is a rescue that came into the family two years ago. Lorraine can often be seen giving Rocky a “lift home” as she often walks a wee bit too far for the poor guy!

Lorraine and Steve love to travel and literally come home from one adventure to book the next one. U.K. destinations being among their favourites – enjoying the history, architecture and fabulous food but most of all being in the Highlands of Scotland hill climbing.

Lorraine is a chef by trade who now spends her time focusing on health & fitness. Attempting to write a book about her journey, Lorraine is busy developing healthy recipes and blogging about her experiences.

Lorraine recently found herself being called a “Fitspiration” by some of the younger folks at her local CrossFit gym, and often spends time Skyping with other people from around the world who are on a similar journey of health and fitness, sharing recipes and motivational ideas.

Lorraine says, “One of the best parts of embracing this new lifestyle and literally walking the walk and talking the talk, is motivating the younger people around me. Recently, my daughter her partner and nephew showed a keen interest in what Steve and I do at CrossFit. It felt so good taking them to the gym with us and watching the coaches kick their butts, gaining an appreciation for how hard we ‘older folks’ work to stay fit and healthy.”

To follow Lorraine's journey and check out her fabulous, healthy (and delicious!) recipes, visit her blog:
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