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Lou James


Lou James is a native person who grew up in a remote native community. Lou is a professional who works for native people.

I Admit It: I Hold Racist Views About Native People In Canada

When I think of native people, I immediately think of alcoholic, jobless, and homeless people who abuse themselves and others in every imaginable way. For all of my life I have seen these images and I continue to see native people this way. Here's the catch: I'm native myself. I'm "successful" by any measure you choose. I have proven that I am just as capable of excellence as anyone else. But I can't quite make the connection that we native people are as worthy or capable as non-native Canadians. Despite my efforts to discard my damaging thought processes, I hold deeply-rooted prejudiced views about my own people, and indeed about myself.
08/22/2013 11:49 EDT