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Louanne Chan

Reel Asian Executive Director

Louanne joined Reel Asian in 2009 as a volunteer on the Special Events Committee. Since then, she has taken on the staff roles of Director of Marketing, Managing Director and currently oversees the festival’s sponsorships, grants and finance as the Executive Director. Prior to Reel Asian, Louanne worked in the business development department at Ronald McDonald House Charities Toronto and taught English in Taiwan. Louanne holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a specialization in International Business and East Asia from McGill University. Louanne enjoys Stephen Chow comedies, anything with Daniel Wu and can be seen cycling around the city with her Totoro backpack on.
We Need To See More Diverse Faces, Stories And Voices In

We Need To See More Diverse Faces, Stories And Voices In Film

During the 80s, there were few memorable Asian female characters in the mainstream media and certainly any Asian male characters on TV were always reduced to the geeky nerd with the thick accent who made a fool of himself. The protagonists from the movies I saw were the opposite of Asian. TV heroes were almost always tall and blond white boys.
11/04/2016 03:21 EDT