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We work with individuals, groups, communities and organizations to develop personal leadership practices, strengthen collective leadership abilities, and advance systems-level changes.
Meaningful Reconciliation Is Reachable Through Interest-Based CP

Meaningful Reconciliation Is Reachable Through Interest-Based Negotiations

Aboriginal communities are increasingly advocating interest-based negotiations as a critical tool in processes designed to reconcile differences and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Seven core concepts are critical to effective interest-based negotiations including relationships, communication, interests, options, legitimacy, alternatives and commitment.
01/28/2016 10:30 EST
Leaders Make Connections, Not BLOOMimage via Getty Images

Leaders Make Connections, Not Decisions

Contrary to common understanding, leadership is not principally about setting a clear direction and influencing a team to get moving. Rather, leadership is about creating the spaces where discovery and action can occur. We so often focus on the mechanics of leadership that we neglect the sense of vulnerability and empathy required to make sense of the world and to take appropriate action.
01/06/2016 11:53 EST
Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Build Your Leadership DAJ via Getty Images

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone To Build Your Leadership Network

Effective approaches to leadership now goes beyond the specific qualities of an individual -- a set of objective characteristics, a formal position, or a status the individual possesses -- and into building relational practices and activities which invite sharing. In the 21st century, it's all about building interconnected communities.
12/03/2015 05:15 EST