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Louis Theriault

Director of Health Economics, Conference Board of Canada

Louis joined the The Conference Board of Canada in 1997, where he specializes in product development, and in macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis.

Since joining the Conference Board, Louis has launched several new initiatives. He was first responsible for the model design, empirical analysis, and marketing of the Metropolitan Outlook Service, including a quarterly economic forecast for large Canadian urban centres. In 2003, he launched the Canadian Industrial Outlook Service, analyzing economic and financial trends in large industries.

More recently, he was Director of the International Trade and Investment Centre, which offers Canadian business leaders and policy-makers forward-looking analysis related to the implications of the ongoing restructuring of global production.

Louis is currently Director, Health Economics, for the Canadian Alliance for Sustainable Health Care.

Louis is also a primary contact for contracts with external clients. He is an expert in health economics modelling and forecasting, and has been involved in numerous partnership projects that require database and model simulation expertise.

In addition, he is a speaker and a media spokesperson on topics related to health economics, international trade and investment, and the Canadian economy.
We're No Americans, But Canada Can't Agree on Healthcare Alamy

We're No Americans, But Canada Can't Agree on Healthcare Reform

As noted in a recent report by the Canadian Medical Association, Canadians are demanding health system reform now more than they ever have before--and seem to be coalescing around a "moral imperative" to create a system that will be sustainable for years to come. There is little agreement on how best to move forward, especially when it comes to the thorny issue of funding.
07/03/2012 11:58 EDT