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Lubna Javed

Electrical Engineer with a passion for all things creative.

Lubna Javed is an Electrical Engineer who worked in the Canadian high tech sector for about 10 years. After her second child, she decided to stay home with the kids and get in touch with her creative side. She is the owner and founder of Loban Tree Party Decor. She moved to California last year. Now that both kids are in school, she is preparing to find technical work in Silicon Valley.
A Bollywood Take On Life Before And After triloks via Getty Images

A Bollywood Take On Life Before And After Marriage

I was the master of ceremonies at my brother's wedding. I wanted to engage the audience and what better way than using humour to do so. I searched for some wedding jokes for ideas but they were just too cliché-ridden. I stumbled upon some "Before Marriage and After Marriage" jokes using a play on Bollywood movie titles
05/08/2017 11:47 EDT
'Your English Is So commerceandculturestock via Getty Images

'Your English Is So Good!'

I can read, write and speak in two other languages in addition to English and have a strong background in a third. My mother tongue is Urdu. However, my children grew up speaking English. After having many entertaining conversations such as the following with my children, I now realize that English is indeed a difficult language to become proficient in.
01/09/2017 04:03 EST