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Lucas Silveira


Lucas Silveira is the lead singer, guitarist and front man for Canadian band The Cliks. <br> He also happens to be the first out transgender male in history to be signed to a major label. <br> The Cliks gained attention when they were asked on two consecutive tours with Cyndi Lauper's True Colors tour. They've made appearances on Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson, <br> MTV's TRL and in 2008 won the <br> "Artist On The Brink" award on MTV Logo's New Now Next. <br> Lucas is currently touring with The Cliks promoting their new LP, BLACK TIE ELEVATOR.
Why We Need to Talk About Caitlyn

Why We Need to Talk About Caitlyn Jenner

It's a wonderful day to celebrate trans folks. With that said, I think it's very important that this start a conversation around differing narratives of trans lives and how Caitlyn's story, although wonderful and to be celebrated, is one of privilege. Privilege, that unfortunately 99.9 per cent of the trans community does not have access to.
06/02/2015 05:30 EDT
I'm Trans, I Get Bullied, I'm Fighting

I'm Trans, I Get Bullied, I'm Fighting Back

I was repetitively asked "Are you a boy or a girl?" throughout childhood and adolescence and usually followed by "Fucking dyke!" Very recently, all of these wounds resurfaced when I saw this comment left by a woman on a video I posted on Facebook to raise funding for a tour for my band The Cliks. Don't shame me for speaking up for myself. Shame those who hurt me.
05/17/2013 07:52 EDT