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Lucy Leiderman

Director of Digital Strategy at Pilot PMR

Lucy Leiderman is the Director of Digital Strategy Pilot PMR, an award-winning PR and creative firm. Her first novel, Lives of Magic, will be published by Dundurn Press in January 2014.
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How to Get a Dog Without Really Getting One

If you feel you are ready one day to welcome muddy paws onto your furniture (I say that lovingly), please adopt. This story about a dog that survived Euthanasia recently should have done wonders for educating people about how quickly a dog will be killed after being surrendered by their owner, simply because nobody wants it (two weeks!).
10/10/2014 06:07 EDT

Let's Not Forget That Many in the Ukraine Are Genuinely Pro-Russia

At the end of the day, it will always be the people who suffer, and Ukraine has a long history of suffering. There are enough populations who feel abandoned by a Ukrainian Ukraine to fight for Russia, and enough who are ready to engulf Kiev in flames in order to show their desire to move away from the perceived dangers of an Eastern block and take their place among Western nations.
03/20/2014 12:24 EDT

Twitter's IPO: Pay For it, But Don't Expect Equality

Twitter is the latest in a string of companies putting users at the whim of hasty policy changes and a rapid monetization policy put in place for IPO. You want to use it? Pay for it. While there's technically nothing wrong with this idea -- Twitter is a company and they should make money -- the fact that they're still alluding to the impression that all users have an equal opportunity in achieving influence is just inaccurate.
10/16/2013 05:42 EDT

Why Creatives Should Use "No" More

I have a challenge for all creatives out there. Start with "no." Begin all of your presentations about campaigns and concepts assuming that every single person in the room is going to object. Don't get defensive or offended. "Nos" are healthy. Assume no one believes you. Back up all of your assumptions with data, examples and hard facts.
10/02/2013 05:23 EDT

The David Gilmour Fallout Is an Institutional Problem

As a University of Toronto alumna, I am disappointed with the David Gilmour debacle. Not at the man, whose possible misogyny and racism is, frankly, dangerous. But with the University of Toronto who have allowed this instructor to become so self-indulgent to actually believe he can get away with doing whatever he wants and not face consequences.
09/27/2013 05:28 EDT