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Ludovic Siouffi

Dedicated Investment & Insurance Advisor

With years of professional and personal financial market experience, Ludovic works with his clients as a dedicated Investment & Insurance Advisor. The goal is simple; provide clients with the highest quality of advice in helping each client achieve peace of mind. In 2015 Ludovic was named Top New Advisor of the Year across all investment firms in Canada. After completing his Bachelors of Science degree, he graduated his MBA with Honors as the youngest of his class in 2009. Ludovic is now a Chartered Investment Manager as well as an insurance specialist, and also chairs the Young Leaders Group of the St. Paul’s Foundation.
Canada And Mutual Fund Fees: Why We're shutterstock

Canada And Mutual Fund Fees: Why We're Failing

In a 2015 global study by Morningstar, Canada's investment environment was rated the worst in the developed world when it came to Fees and Expenses. Don't worry, though, there's good news; our D- score is up from the F earned in 2014. The real question is the implication of our less-than-impressive grade.
02/26/2016 11:41 EST
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3 Simple Ways To Save Taxes

Today, it takes more brains and effort to make out the income-tax form than it does to make the income. - Alfred E. Neuman 1) Prioritize Three Contributions RRSP Offers best tax sheltering option for...
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