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Lutherwood Children’s Mental Health

Children’s mental health service provider and lead agency in Waterloo Region.

For more than 45 years, children, youth and their families have trusted Lutherwood’s mental health services to support them as they cope with serious behavioural, emotional and psychological challenges. We provide residential treatment and assessment, community and school-based interventions, counsel families for support, and operate a shelter for youth at risk of being homeless. For more information, please visit
Would Your Children Tell You If They Were In digitalskillet via Getty Images

Would Your Children Tell You If They Were In Trouble?

As children move towards the last few years of elementary school, and especially as they move into high school, many become less and less likely to tell a parent or other adult if they are being bullied or are in over their heads with a peer issue. Often this is because they feel that telling an adult won't help or even that it might make the situation worse.
09/07/2016 07:46 EDT