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Lynda Fishman

Author, Inspirational Speaker

Meet Lynda Fishman, inspirational speaker, author of Repairing Rainbows, and survivor of an unspeakable personal tragedy. In 1970, when she was 13, her mother and two sisters were killed in an Air Canada plane crash. Her father fell into a deep depression, and she was essentially left to fend for herself.
Lynda has turned her wounds into wisdom. With a message about courage, strength and hope, Lynda now spends her time sharing her moving story and her eight “happiness-inducing choices”.
Eulogy For

Eulogy For Harold

Going to a funeral is difficult. That deafening silence in the chapel brings back painful memories and stirs up emotions
07/27/2015 12:17 EDT
Thank You GPS

Thank You GPS Woman

Dear {insert name}, It began as a disagreement. It has exploded out of control. When I saw you walk into the restaurant, I
12/06/2013 07:06 EST
Making the Heart-Wrenching Decision to Put an Animal

Making the Heart-Wrenching Decision to Put an Animal Down

Only dog lovers can really appreciate and understand what it's like to live with dogs -- and the lessons we can learn from them. I believe that their average life span is shorter, because they don't need as much time as humans do, to get everything they need out of life. They understand gratitude and appreciation. They know how to forgive.
11/08/2013 06:00 EST
Want To Feel Great? Try My True and Tested

Want To Feel Great? Try My True and Tested Method

The reality is that we do not have to be professional "life-savers" to help people. Each of us can choose to live a meaningful life, to have a positive impact on others, and to embrace and help people in need. No cameras. No medals. No public recognition... just ordinary "heroics" by ordinary people. I believe that there is "magic" in kindness.
11/04/2013 08:29 EST
Eight Choices That Will Make You

Eight Choices That Will Make You Happier

As I reflect on my past experiences, I understand and have internalized the importance of making positive choices. I know that I generalize, but I truly believe that the more choices we make, the more alive we feel, and the more alive we feel, the healthier our choices.
10/15/2013 12:12 EDT
How I Ended Up Living Happily Ever

How I Ended Up Living Happily Ever After

Barry and I were both 17 when we met. We had just finished high school. I was dealing with my tragedy -- the death of my mother and two younger sisters. Barry was an orphan, responsible for his older brother with special needs. And there we stood, in the "Land of Oz" at the start of the "Yellow Brick Road" -- the beginning of our journey together.
10/07/2013 05:34 EDT
Learning to Live With

Learning to Live With Grief

For almost four decades, I did not talk about the plane crash. Instead, I buried the tragedy and any associated feelings of grief as deep down as possible. That was the way tragedies and death were dealt with in the 70s. I was told, directly and indirectly, that the subject was closed, never to be discussed... the subject of death was unmentionable.
09/23/2013 12:29 EDT
Talking About My Mother and Sisters' Deaths Helped Me More Than

Talking About My Mother and Sisters' Deaths Helped Me More Than Silence

Not knowing how to handle the subject of death and grief, people around us thought it best to never talk about it. They wanted to spare us from more pain and prevent the stirring of feelings. Family pictures were put away, my mother's and sisters' personal items were cleared out of our house and we were expected to move on and reconstruct our world as if nothing had happened.
09/18/2013 05:30 EDT