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Lynsey Walker

Lynsey Walker, MSc./ RHN

Lynsey Walker has a master’s degree in nutritional science and is currently working towards her Registered Holistic Nutrition (RHN) designation. By inspiring people to get back to eating real food, and fostering healthy relationships with what they put in their bodies she is on a mission to shake up the world of nutrition and redefine what it means to eat healthy.

Love food & it will love you back.

Oh Canada! 5 Superfoods That Are Uniquely Canadian

Oh Canada! While we may be known for some of our more decadent fare, like poutine and butter tarts, we are actually home to some of the world's greatest superfoods that can help keep up healthy all summer long! So even if this weekend may be more about BBQ and dockside beers, try including some of these healthy eats.
06/27/2014 12:25 EDT
Wendy George/HuffPost

5 Non-Powder Proteins to Add to Your Smoothie

Whether smoothies are your breakfast go-to, or afternoon snack to keep blood sugars balances and hunger at bay, having a solid dose of protein is key to success. But bumping up the protein doesn't necessarily mean turning to weird, artificially flavoured powders, here are five all-star, non-powdered ways to add some oomph to your blended beauty.
06/14/2014 01:50 EDT

Stop Eating for One and Start Eating For One Trillion

Are you a germaphobe? If so then what I am about to tell you might blow your mind. For every one cell that we have in our bodywe have 10 bacteria cells that call us home. We need to start thinking differently about how we feed ourselves if we want to optimize health and nutrition. We need to stop eating for one and start eating for one trillion.
08/16/2013 05:21 EDT

Healthy Road Trip Snacks for the Long Weekend

The first long weekend of the summer season is almost here, and with that comes the start of the great pilgrimage up north to cottages, campsites, and the great outdoors. While you may not be able to avoid the stop and go of bumper to bumper traffic, you can avoid the need to stop for greasy service centre fare with some healthy snacks that pack up fast and travel well.
05/16/2013 12:06 EDT