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M. Michelle Nadon

C4P Animal Rescue

M. Michelle Nadon is known for her exceptional and comprehensive knowledge of Canadian media mandates and stakeholders. Founded in 2004, has been the preeminent provider of strategic recruitment and career management guidance for the Canadian media and entertainment sectors. Renown for its individual career management services, MI serves as the trusted nexus linking creative companies with top professionals, providing cutting-edge training programs, and making career resources available to the creative class.

Michelle lives north of Toronto, with her beautiful German Shepherd Stella, and spends all of her spare time, goodwill and company profits on animal advocacy. Since 2005, she has published the weekly C4P Animal Rescue Newsletter – recognized as a trusted information source providing Canadian citizens with updates on advocacy efforts for Canada's too often neglected, abandoned and abused domestic pets and livestock. Leading and empowering a national membership through regular first-in-class communication, the weekly C4P Animal Rescue Newsletter provides relevant, meaningful and qualitative resources and support for Canadian animals and their guardians. To sample our newsletter, send an email request to:

Hello World! I'm Levi, and I'm FAMILY!

Baby season started early this year. Last Fall, two pot-bellied pigs were found dumped on an Ontario highway, and were mercifully taken in by kind folk on a nearby horse farm. Thanks to informal rescu...
02/17/2015 02:04 EST

An Open Apology to our Beloved Elephant, Limba

Dearest Limba, the world owes you an apology. I am sorry for your life of servitude and loneliness. Animal advocates worldwide are grieving you girl. We will forever remember you. We loved you. We saw you. We are so very sorry. We tried.
12/04/2013 11:28 EST

Putting Your Dog Down, Saying Goodbye to a Friend

Last week brought the end of a truly unique odyssey with a handicapped hound named Nazareth, and his human caregiver Jackie. Nazareth Parkin was put to sleep by his caring vet, in his bed, in his van. And right to the last second, Jackie stood by her friend, Naz.
10/27/2013 11:07 EDT
M. Michelle Nadon

Giving Thanks for the Lives of Our Animal and Human Friends

Three weeks ago, a small miracle took place in Hay River, Northwest Territories: Loki, a semi-feral northern Canadian dog was brought into safety just short of the September 30 deadline to get him "off the streets" (i.e., shoot him). As we celebrate this particular Thanksgiving, I am deeply grateful to all who went to such lengths to save his precious life.
10/14/2013 02:07 EDT
Michelle M. Nadon

Adopt-a-HuffPet: These Kitties Need a Home

Angelo and Simone need a new home as their owner has recently lost a loved one in her life, and now needs to relocate and cannot take her pets with her to her new shared space. Angelo is approximately four and half, and Simone is approximately five years old.
05/22/2013 05:43 EDT

Will Pope Francis Champion Animal Rights?

Abhorring patriarchy, and based on the church's adherence to the doctrine that animals have no soul, in early adulthood I chose to disengage with the Catholic faith. Then came the staggering confirmation that the new pope chose the name Pope Francis. I was flooded with emotion -- Saint Francis: the revered Patron Saint of animals.
03/15/2013 05:27 EDT

A Love Letter to All Mothers on Valentine's Day

I hope anyone reading this will take the time to remember just how much every mother loves her children. Now nearly five years gone, my mother's love lives in my heart, her voice comes out in my words, her spirit comes out in my actions, her teachings guide my life. My mother's name was Mary. She taught me to never walk away from someone in need.
02/14/2013 05:20 EST

Adopt-a-HuffPet: Give These Bonded Cats a Home

Buddy amd Princess have been living in the laundry room and hallways of a Regent Park building in Toronto for the last six years. Buddy is very good-natured, likes people and is bonded to his feline friend, Princess, who is estimated to be a bit younger. Princess has been living in the same laundry room/hallway for the past six years and is equally as bonded to Buddy.
01/02/2013 11:59 EST

Adopt-a-HuffPet: Lucy the Wobbly Kitty Needs Your Love

The first thing you will notice about me when you meet me is that I wobble. I might wobble when I walk, but it doesn't hold me back! I can't wait to find a loving home and a big-hearted human who understands that my wobble is just a part of my cuteness. Could you be the one?
11/14/2012 12:09 EST

This Cat Needs a Warm Home in the Cold Weather

Our humans face eviction at the end of November after 27 years in a squeaky clean apartment in Scarborough. Our clan has 32 fixed, loving kitties who all desperately need temporary shelter in the GTA, if possible in northeastern Toronto, so that our human mom can make the drive to attend to us daily.
11/06/2012 12:24 EST

Adopt-a-HuffPet: Sweet Wilbur Needs a Home

Wilbur seems to have led his previous life as a family pet rather than a hunter. He loves his daily walks and can loose-leash walk with excellent manners. He loves a good belly or back scratch, his obedience practice, and enjoys the challenge of obstacle/agility courses.
10/22/2012 05:18 EDT

14 Tips for Keeping Your Pets Safe

Roughly 10,000 pets go missing in the greater Toronto area each year. And they are only the ones that are reported. And only an approximate 65 per cent make it home. The following tips will help you put safety and prevention front and centre, when bringing home your new pet.
10/10/2012 07:35 EDT

Adopt-a-HuffPet: Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One

In Canadian rescue groups, we often come across special pairs of dogs seeking a new home together. These "bonded pairs" come from families whose primary caregiver's circumstances have changed, and the pair is left to the mercy of society. If you have room in your home and your hearts, and are open to the experience of a lifetime, make an inquiry about any of the enclosed pairs
10/02/2012 12:06 EDT

Adopt-A-HuffPet: Room For This Little Cat Who Thinks She's a Dog?

Little Mary is a darling young cat whose life was recently saved at the last minute when she was under threat of euthanization, pulled from a local pound and taken into foster. She is not quite a year old, and packs a lot of personality into 6.8 lbs! In fact, she already thinks she's a dog.
09/11/2012 08:07 EDT

Sheep Thrills: An Unusual Animal Rescue

My friend Jules called to advise me there's a sheep in the middle of Toronto. They canvass the neighbours, and sure enough, find out the sheep is being "fattened for slaughter." Never mind that we're in Toronto, we're supposed to be civilized, this is 2012, and certainly, no farm animals should be in the city. Now, you really can't make this up.
09/11/2012 05:31 EDT

Adopt-A-HuffPet: Give These Eight Cats a Chance at Nine Lives

This week we learned of an older Scarborough woman who recently was moved to a nursing home. Her eight beautiful cats' lives were completely disrupted, and now, after the safety and shelter of a real home, the family will be taking the cats to the local animal shelter to be euthanized. No ifs, ands, or buts.
09/04/2012 06:59 EDT