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Kris Reyes

News Anchor, The Morning Show

Kris Reyes is the news anchor for The Morning Show, airing on Global from 6am-9am. Her interview with Jane Goodall is part of her weekly interview series Over Lunch.
Reyes began her career as a freelance producer and writer at CTV News in Toronto, where she produced a 9-11 broadcast special for the network. Eager to make the jump to on-air, Reyes moved to Winnipeg on the coldest day of 2003 to begin reporting and producing for CTV’s Winnipeg affiliate. After a brief stint working at Global Winnipeg as their weekend anchor, Reyes returned to Toronto where she spent six years as a reporter for CityTV. During this time, Reyes appeared on several CityTV programs, including Breakfast Television, CityNews at 6 and also hosted her own talk-back and social media-focused program, CityOnline. An early adopter of social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, Reyes was quick to fully integrate these tools into her reporting years before it became popular for journalists to do so. Reyes left CityTV in September, 2010 and took a career break from broadcasting to spend five months travelling around Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii with her husband. Reyes was born in the Philippines and moved to Toronto with her family when she was nine. Reyes enjoys good books, good conversation and a good cup of tea. She has also worked with several Filipino charities to help alleviate poverty in the Philippines.
Chanelling Jane

Chanelling Jane Goodall

She's most famous for her work with chimpanzees in Tanzania, but her contribution to science is so vast that the only place I could think of to begin with Jane Goodall is this: If you were at a cocktail party and nobody knew who you were, what would your answer be to the question, what do you do for a living?
04/21/2012 11:37 EDT