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Madelyn Chung

Editor, HuffPost Canada Style

Madelyn Chung is the editor of HuffPost Canada Style.
Madelyn Chung

I'm The Only Person In My Asian Family Who Wants To Be Tan

Most East Asians yearn to be pale, my Hong Kong-born sisters included. (Ironically, they're more naturally tan, while I'm the palest of the bunch). I remember seeing whitening creams on their bathroom vanity, and being scared because my mom had once told me Michael Jackson used bleaching creams to turn himself white.
08/30/2016 10:58 EDT
Brian Vinh Tien Trinh

Chopping Off My Hair Gave Me The Confidence Boost I Needed

My hair has always been my security blanket. If I was feeling shy, I'd hide behind it. If I wanted to catch a cute guy's attention, I'd flip it over while walking by. It wasn't until recently I noticed a movement going on, and suddenly, female celebs known for their long hair were opting for shorter, chicer chops. So, I decided to take the plunge, and chop off my coveted locks.
02/12/2015 12:57 EST

What Happened When I Got a Vajacial - a Facial For My Vagina

When I first heard the word "vajacial," I was instantly intrigued. Let's face it, anything with the word "vag" in it is an attention grabber (admit it -- that's probably why you clicked on this story). The service is exactly what the name sounds like -- a facial for your vaginal area.
02/09/2015 05:56 EST